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From the 2014-2015 MJC Catalog

Introduction to academic information sources, including traditional print resources, ebooks, online periodical and research databases, and the Web. Emphasis on the development of effective research strategies, and the retrieval, evaluation, and use of information for academic research assignments. Field trips are not required. (A-f or C-NC, student choice). Lecture. Transfer: (CSU,UC) General Education: (MJC-GE:D2).

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READY, SET, LEARN (open workshop series)

Every semester the Library & Learning Center offers a series of amazing workshops designed to help you gain and hone your information literacy skills, learn about the amazing research resources & services available to you as an MJC student, and successfully navigate (and ace!) your research-based assignments. These assignments include research papers, speeches, individual and group presentations, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, etc. Be sure to regularly check out our Workshop Calendar to learn when and where our workshops are offered.